Bikry: An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

In this blog, we’ll discuss what Bikry has to offer to all its users and how it supports you in the journey from launching your own online platform to becoming a well-known brand.

If you run a Bikry store, it doesn’t take long to take your store from local to global. In this guide, we’ll break down exactly how you can do that with the tools of Bikry.

Guide includes:

  • Adding all Products on the count of 1 to 30
  • Creating a Digital Library
  • Customizing your own Website
  • Building the Order Flow
  • Management of Products
  • Marketing for your own online store

Adding all Products on the count of 1 to 30

Adding products to an online store was considered to be a lengthy and time-consuming task. Following the same boring procedure to add products 1 by 1 frustrates every individual. But now, this takes only a few seconds on Bikry. Yes, adding more than 2 Lacs Products to your online store requires only 30 seconds. Bikry offers you multiple tools to add multiple products as per your store type:

  1. Scan Menu Card- If you are a restaurant owner and have to add all your restaurant’s items to your online store. Then you just need your Menu Card and your phone with the Google lens app in it.

Scan the Menu with the Google Lens application and copy all the data to your store on Bikry. You can also customize your Products by adding different variants and sizes as per your needs.

2. Copy Products from other stores- Bikry offers you to copy the products from any other website to your own online store.

Just copy the website’s URL and paste it on the Bikry app. Within seconds all the products will be visible in your store.

3. Inspire from top stores- Add all the products of Top stores like Amul and Mother Dairy directly to your store within seconds.

Select the required products and add all of them with just 1 click.

4. Upload from Excel- If you have a CSV/Excel file for your products, then this feature is perfect for you. There’s no need for any technical knowledge.

Just upload the CSV/Excel file and you can add the data of more than 3 Lacs Products directly to your online store within seconds.

5. Book Engineer Visit- You can Schedule Engineer’s visit. An engineer will come to you personally and create your online store.

Creating a Digital Library

Bikry offers the tools for your online store to make it more presentable and genuine to the viewers/customers. Displaying products in a creative manner provides an ease to consumers to view and select the product efficiently. It also increases the credibility of your store.

  • Create Menu/Catalog- Select and convert the Products into a PDF file to share with the Customers and Corporate Clients over WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.

  • Create Videos- Select and convert the products into a creative and engaging video format to share with clients and customers. You can also add background music to your videos.

  • Business Card- Business Card is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Bikry offers you several options for designing attractive business cards, from simple designs to customized business-related designs.

  • Website Banner- Create a Banner of any sale, discount, etc active on your online store and upload it on the website. You can also share these banners on WhatsApp status and Instagram/Facebook stories.

  • Festive Banners- Bikry offers you in-built banners for all the upcoming events. You can customize or add these festive banners on your website and can also share with your customers over WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • QR Posters- Create a unique QR Poster for your business on Bikry and share it with your customers They can place orders online directly just by scanning the QR Poster with their phone’s camera.

You can also put the QR Poster on your offline store just by printing it.

Customizing your own Website

The appearance of your website can either make or break the business you are trying to deliver. It actually makes a difference on how your target audience views your business and potentially turns them into your customers.

Bikry has a set of multiple tools to offer for Website Customization:

  • Desktop Version- Now access all the features of Bikry directly on your Desktop/ Laptop. Manage orders, upload single/bulk products, add customers for SMS Marketing, and much more directly on your Desktop Version.

  • Mini App- With this feature, you can create a Mini app for your own online store. The mini-app allows your customers to directly place the order without visiting the website. Just install the Mini app and share it with your customers over WhatsApp.

  • Customize Brand Color- Enhance the look and feel of your online store by personalizing it in your branded theme color. Customizing the theme will result in a much better conversion rate, which leads to better business.

  • Remove Branding- Set up your own business branding and provide your business an exclusive identity of its own.

  • Create Logo- Logo builds a strong first impression and increases the brand loyalty of your business. Bikry offers you the feature to create a logo for your business and update it as a DP on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Building the Order Flow

Order Flow refers to the process of receiving, tracking, and fulfilling customer orders. The order Flow process begins when an order is placed and ends when the customer receives their package. These tools of Bikry help you in the management of all your orders efficiently:

  • Checkout Message- Enter the checkout message for your customers as per your business’s need to be displayed on the website.

  • Payment Options- Bikry offers you to decide the payment methods for your business. Set COD or receive Online Payments with 40+ options directly to your bank account. You can also enable both options.

  • Request Payment- On Bikry, you can request payment through a securely generated link/URL which customers can click to make online payments instantly.

  • Delivery Rules- Set Delivery Rules on your website as per your convenience like Minimum Order Value, Delivery Charges, Store Opening and Closing Time, etc.

  • Schedule Delivery- Schedule all your deliveries with the Bikry Hyperlocal, IntraState & PAN India Delivery support. Now you can deliver your products to every part of India within a few clicks.

  • QR Ordering- Map the QR code on your website to take orders directly from the counter/table.

Management of Products

Product management helps you in measuring the needs of customers and making changes according to the situation. In Bikry you can control all the tools related to managing your business with the changing needs:

  • Inventory Management- Keep control of your Stocks/Inventory. You can enable the Product Stock Count Option and it will highlight “Out of Stock” when the stock count gets 0.

  • Sub Categories- Organise the products to help your customers in searching them easily by adding Subcategories to your online store.

  • Staff Management- The staff Management feature helps you to add staff members to our app so that they can also receive notifications of new orders and can accept or reject the orders without disturbing the store owner.

  • Variant Support- Enable Variant Management option and add unlimited variants like color and sizes for any product on the website.

  • Brand Selection- Enable the Brand Selection option and list the products of the same brand altogether to help customers find or filter them quickly.

Marketing for your own online store

Marketing helps you drive more qualified and genuine customers. The ability to target specific leads helps you drive customers that take interest in your business. Bikry provides you multiple options to get a wide reach of customers through its Marketing tools:

  • Loyalty Scheme- Bikry gives you the option of enabling a Loyalty Scheme on your own store. You can activate and share it with your customers on Whatsapp. Your customers will be encouraged to share your online store with their friends & family as they will get redeemable points in return.

  • Coupons- Bikry provides you the option of creating your own discount coupons. You can set them according to your wish and start sharing them with your regular customers.

  • SMS Marketing- Send automated SMS to all your customers informing them about your online store and take orders directly. You can also share your store link placed on the Home screen with your customers on WhatsApp & Facebook groups.

  • WhatsApp Marketing- WhatsApp is the easiest way to increase the business. Create a profile on WhatsApp Business and enable the auto-reply feature to engage your customers.

  • Facebook Marketing- Advertise the store with your Facebook Community by generating a business page of it.

  • Instagram Marketing- Instagram is the most popular social media platform. You can market your business by directly selling products on the Instagram shop and increase sales.


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