Bikry Unique Features for Restaurants

Here you will get to know about all the important Bikry unique features for restaurants which will help you to double your daily sales.

Hyperlocal Delivery Charges – Hyperlocal delivery charges are a very useful feature for the restaurant to deliver food fast with extra delivery charges and Pincode restrictions.

Click here to use this feature: Hyperlocal Delivery Charges

Custom Labels: The custom label feature will help you set up different labels and names over the website and also by this feature will be easy for your customers to understand.

Check out this feature: Custom Labels

Bulk Product Add – You can add bulk products to your store by login on through our web version and adding products in bulk.

Check out this feature: Bulk Product Add

Website Layout Feature– The website layout feature is an add-on feature where you can change the layout design of your store

Check out this feature: Website Layout Feature

Coupons – Give coupons and offers to your customers on your website at the time of checkout to retain customers.

Check out this feature: Coupons

Mandatory Login Feature – Mandatory login feature will help you get the detail about the customer who comes to the website and go for checkout. It will also help you send bulk SMS to your customers.

Check out this feature: Mandatory Login Feature

Scan Menu Option – Scan menu option will help you upload products directly by scanning the menu of your restaurant.

Check out this feature: Scan Menu Option

Remove Bikry Branding – You can remove Bikry branding from your store by just switching into premium plans of Bikry. It will help you make your website more premium by look.

Check out this feature: Remove Branding

To activate all these features through our expert click here: Store Setup by Experts

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