Customize your Website’s label using Custom Label Feature

Want to do things in your own way ? Bikry is here to help with our new Custom label feature!!

Do you want to customize your website labels according to your need? Bikry has a solution!! Now all Bikry users can change labels on their website according to their liking.

Often times, you may think labels present over your website is not descriptive or not according to your choice. Now you can use custom labels feature to change the text of default labels and customize your website.The Custom Labels feature is an extremely flexible and versatile way to customize web pages to suit your individual needs.

Example- A user wants to change custom label for Bag to My Cart. They can conveniently change label for it by using Custom Labels feature.

How does it work?

– First, open the Bikry Dashboard

– Then, Tap on the Custom Labels option

– Change labels for given options according to your choice.

– Click on the Save Changes option to save your changes.

This is how you can easily alter labels for your store website according to your desire.

Custom label is an excellent feature, but make sure to set labels appropriately so that intended message can be conveyed. Also this feature to change labels is not reversible for now, so be careful !!

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