Everything you need to know about Abandoned cart/ Visitor tracking feature

Do you even know how many people visited your store, add items to their cart and leave without purchasing anything? Isn’t it wonderful to know who these people are and be able to contact them?

The introduction of Abandoned Cart/ Visitor tracking feature for all active sellers is a huge boost and something they should be taking advantage of. Let’s go through some basics of this feature and learn how to enable it. 

What is the Abandoned cart/ Visitor Tracking feature?

The Visitor tracking feature provides you with information on all of your website visits and  Abandoned Cart feature allows you the details of visitors who added products to their cart, but didn’t make any purchase. Through this feature, you can retarget all the visitors by personally assisting and allowing extra discounts to them.

What are the benefits of this feature?

  1. Better Conversion Rate– The visitors when tracked can increase sales and lead to better conversion rate.
  1. Undemanding Customization– Businesses can customize notifications that are sent to cart abandoners. Notifications can be scheduled at specific intervals varying from minutes, hours to days.
  1. Unwritten Rule to Increase Sales– Cart abandonment messages are the perfect trigger that can nudge the viewer until they become the end customer.   
  1. Build Customer Trust– By monitoring the visitors, businesses establish the fact that they value customers, care about their experience and are willing to empathize and help them complete their checkout.

How to activate the Feature?

  • Create a store on Bikry 
  • Now open the Bikry app and Tap on the Features button.
  • Here you’ll find the Visitor Tracking feature under the Marketing heading.
  • Enable the feature to track all the visitors, visited your store’s website.

As soon as you enable the feature, a pop-up asking the name and mobile number of the viewer starts reflecting on your website. 

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