Full list of Features on Bikry

Here is a full list of features on Bikry that have been released thus far (as well as some that will be released in the future), so you know what’s going on.

If you haven’t already created an online store on Bikry, do it now so you can see all of these features for yourself.

Full List of Features:

Now, Let’s get this started.

1. Create Menu/ Catalog

Share products through your own PDF catalog.

Convert the selected products to a PDF file for sharing it with Customers and Corporate Clients via WhatsApp, Gmail, and other platforms.

2. Create Videos

Share products through your own Video catalog.

Create innovative and interesting musical videos to share with customers on Instagram Reels and WhatsApp Stories using the selected products. 

3. Business Card

Choose a professionally designed template, customize in a few clicks and print your own professional Business card instantly to share on WhatsApp & Facebook Groups.

4. Store Banners

You will find wonderful and eye-catching banners here that you can share with your consumers via WhatsApp or other social media platforms, as well as put to your website.

5. QR Posters

With only a single click, you get printable Scan and Pay QR Posters for your own store. 

Customers can quickly locate your business and place orders without typing links into a web browser. 

6. Website Themes

Now you can pick themes for your store and improve its performance. Themes let you change the style and feel of your store, as well as the header, footer, and color scheme.

7. Custom Pages

Create multiple Custom Pages (Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, About Us, etc) and add them to your website which gives it more professional looks. Now you can start adding material, whether it’s informative or promotional, to take your business to the next level.

8. Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a plugin that can assist you in retaining consumers as well as converting more people into clients. This plugin will assist you in making a sticky header strip for your retail website. In a nutshell, this feature will help you in adding visually appealing custom messages for your customers.

9. Expert Guidance

Our Experts will assist you in setting up your store completely, including uploading up to 100 Products, Banner setup, Refer & Earn setup, Coupon Code Feature setup, and Payment setup. 

10. Custom Domain

A domain name gives you the opportunity to tell your visitor anything about your services and your key message. Add custom Domain on your website to look more authentic and SEO friendly. SSL and Hosting for your custom domain will be provided for FREE on Bikry.

11. Mini App

This feature provides an ease to your customers as they do not have to visit your website all of the time. Now they can simply open your Mini app and place a purchase from there.

12. Desktop Version

This feature allows you to access all the features of Bikry anytime and anywhere on your Desktop. Desktop Version have so many features like Managing Orders, Uploading Bulk or single products, Add customers for SMS Marketing and much more.   

13. Customize Brand Color

Enhance the look and feel of your online store by personalizing the store in your branded theme color.

14. Remove Branding

Set up your own business branding and provide your business an exclusive identity of it’s own with this feature.

15. Create Logo

With your own logo, you can create a strong first impression and brand loyalty. It may be used as the DP for your Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as your WhatsApp group.

16. Android APK

Get your store’s own APK and share it via WhatsApp, or any other mode with customers so they can effortlessly browse your store and make purchases with just one swipe. You can also make the app available on the Google Play Store.

17. Hyper- Local Delivery Rates

You can set up varying delivery prices based on pin codes and distance from your store with this Hyperlocal distance based Delivery feature. Now set up numerous zones based on distance and pin codes, and then charge different delivery rates for different products.

18. Set Shiprocket account

This feature will help you with your delivery needs and also allows you to schedule Cash on Delivery using our app. Shiprocket will help you in delivering your orders all over India.

19. Checkout Message

Customize the checkout message for the customers as per your business’s requirements. 

20. COD Extra Charges

This feature allows you to easily set up different delivery fees for cash on delivery orders as per your business’s needs.

21. Payment Options

Bikry offers you to decide the payment methods for your business. Set COD or receive Online Payments with 40+ options directly to your bank account. You can also enable both options.

22. Delivery Rules

Enter your delivery terms and conditions for the customers according to your business type.

23. QR Ordering

Map the QR code to take orders directly from the counter/ table. With just one click, you can get the QR code for your own store.

24. Inventory Management

You can use this feature to add available inventory for each product and receive notifications when it runs out. This can be helpful if a product runs out of stock and you don’t have time to turn it off manually.

25. Excel Upload

Just upload the CSV/Excel file and you can add the data of more than 3 Lacs Products directly to your online store within seconds. 

26. Sub Categories

Organize your products to help your customers in searching them easily by adding Sub Categories to your online store.

27. Product Variants

Specify all the different alternatives or variants available in your products like color, sizes, weight, etc.

28. Brand Selection

List all the products with their particular brands altogether to help customers find or filter them quickly.

29. Loyalty Scheme

With this feature on Bikry, you can provide your customers with redeemable loyalty points on every referral they make to their family & friends.

30. Coupons

Discount Coupons enable you to provide discounts to your customers. You can now hold promotional or sales events for your store to boost sales.

31. Facebook Pixel Integration

Facebook pixels helps in improving the marketing capabilities of your store as well as the performance of Facebook ads. It collects data to assist you in tracking conversions from Facebook ads, optimizing ads, building targeted audiences for future ads, and remarketing to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

32. Google Analytics

Track and get live reports of your store with Google analytics. Data like visitors, number of sales, etc. Also, track sales activity and performance of your Bikry store.

33. WhatsApp Marketing

Create a WhatsApp Business profile and enable the auto-reply feature to engage the customer.

34. Instagram Marketing

Market your business by directly selling products on the Instagram Shop.

35. Google Marketing

Promote your business directly with the help of Google My Business.

36. Facebook Marketing

Create a Facebook page of your online store and advertise it with your Facebook community by generating a business page.

37. Custom Checkout Form

With the Customized Checkout form feature, the user can design a Checkout form of his own to share with customers. This feature allows you to ask any specific questions during checkout such as delivery-related questions, Location-based questions, asking for documents, etc for running your business.

This feature can also be used for service sector businesses where you can include additional questions like Slot Booking questions (Timings and Booking appointments). 

38. Professional Email Integration

Create a unique email address for all your customers. Your business will gain the visibility and credibility it deserves with your professional email addresses.

39. Google Map

You can quickly route your store with customers at the time of checkout using the Google Maps feature. Customers can easily track the delivery’s progress and estimated arrival time after indicating their location directly on their phone screen.

40. Store Pickup

Create an in-store pickup option so customers can stop by your location to pick up their orders. Offering store pickup for online orders provides your local customers a convenient alternative to shipping.  

41. Multi Outlet

With this feature on Bikry, users can combine all their outlets under one account while keeping their inventory intact.

42. Business Reports and Analysis

With this feature, Analyze essential components of Reports such as Order Report, Payment Fee Report, and Delivery Report using this function.

43. Intercity Delivery Rates

With the Intercity Delivery Rates feature, you can specify different delivery fees based on weight and distance from your store. Different prices are now applied to different products based on their total weight.

For example, a 1kg box costs Rs. 20, whereas a 5kg box costs Rs. 70 for the same location.

44. GST Rates

As a registered business you will be required to add GST rates for all your products. Now with Bikry, you can add a particular GST percentage according to your business type during the checkout phase. This feature creates a GST compliant invoice for you at the click of a button.

45. Edit/ Create Order

Now you can edit orders by checking the availability of products in your store. With the consent of customers, manage the orders and edit them directly on your desktop screen. 

On Bikry, you can also create a fresh new order instantly on behalf of your customers right away

46. Delivery Time

The Delivery Time feature allows you to display and manage the approximate delivery time when the order will reach your customer directly on your desktop screen. It not only builds the trust of customers but also boosts their satisfaction. 

47. Product Search

If you’re looking for a specific item, enter a few words in the search box and the matching results will be displayed on your desktop screen. You can discover and shop for products with this feature.


1. Add Staff

The Add Staff feature helps you to add staff members to our app so that they can also receive notifications of new orders and can accept or reject the orders without disturbing the store owner.

2. Private Catalog

A private catalog is a simple tool that allows you to share your products/ catalogs with selected customers only. Just select the customers from the list and allow them access to view your catalog. In this, you can also set a special price that is visible only to certain customers. For Example- Retail vs Wholesale price.

3. Facebook Shop

Get all your products uploaded to your Bikry store automatically, synced to your FB page’s shop section. Anyone visiting your FB page will discover your featured products and see an update when you add new ones.

4. Google Merchant Center

Sync all your products uploaded on Bikry store to Google shopping. Once approved all your products will automatically start refracting on Google and keep in sync when you edit or change them.

5. Affiliate Sales Tracking

With this feature, you can easily add your affiliate sales person inside the app. The affiliate person then shares your store’s link with their audience and earns a particular commission on qualifying purchases. A unique link for every affiliate person will be auto-generated in Bikry app. 

We’ll keep updating you with every new feature on Bikry, so stay tuned.

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