How to Add video/ link in banners?

Bored with displaying the same graphic banner on your website? The wait is over! Now all Bikry users can add YouTube videos as banners on their website. You can also include links to any external or internal weblinks.

Without a doubt, videos in banners are an excellent way for businesses who want to display their products in a different and engaging way. A video offers dynamism, and can capture your audiences’ attention more effectively than static images ever can.

With this, the users can even add internal or external web links in their banners to redirect the visitors to a particular page or website. 

According to a study, the best use of video/ link on banners increases your brand credibility and promotes trustworthiness. Focus on making an interactive video, set up a live streaming event and invite your customers to participate by asking questions about the services/products and explain to them how your product/service can solve their problems. These efforts of yours are quite beneficial because it will turn skeptical buyers to choose your brand over others.

Benefits of this feature:

  1. Increase the engagement of your YouTube videos by promoting it on the store banners.
  2. Retarget your audience to a particular blog by adding web links in banners. It could be about your business, a unique product, or something else.
  3. Promote your social media accounts by adding links to them.
  4. Showcase the testimonial videos/ interviews of your top clients.
  5. Add links to other stores/businesses in your banners to promote them.

How does it work?

  • First, open the Bikry Dashboard
  • Then, Tap on the Banner Management option
  • Click on the Add Banner
  • Now enter the Video URL or CTA link
  • Finally, click on the Upload Banner option to upload

This is how you can add videos or any internal/ external link on your banners.


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