How to apply add-ons to your products?

Do you want to add product add-ons on your Bikry Website? Bikry has a solution!! Now all Bikry users can add product add-ons according to their liking!

What are add-ons?

They are options that allow users to customize their order by adding ketchups, toppings, colors, or flavors.

Let’s quickly look at the parts you need on product add-ons,
and then look at them in-depth with the help of images.

To customize add-ons you have to go to your dashboard
-> My Products
-> Addons
-> Create addon category

To the center of the screen, you’ll see the Addons category section.

You can write name of your own add-on.

For eg ..
If you have pizza than you can add
Type of cheese …
Give them options accordingly

You can set add-ons as either
Optional(only one or multiple)” or “Required.”

  • Optional one add-ons allow customers to add as one option as they want.
  • In the case of optional multiple… customer can add multiple options .This option would work well for some additional things like cold drinks, cakes and pastry…., more.
  • In the case of Required add-ons, customers need to make a choice based on the parameters you set. If you set the cheese burst and creamy cheese, customers will have to choose at least one option and no more.

This works well for options like pizza topping, gift wrap, extra items, free gift etc.

Now you have to add addon products for these particular addon categories.

While adding addon products
You have to add

  • Image
  • Product Name & Price
  • select addon Category

And submit it…

Now open and edit the product in which you want to see these all addons…..

To the bottom side of screen, you will see the option choose addon category

Here You will add all addons types …..

And submit it…

Now, let’s see how these add-on would look like…


Now your customers can easily add all options while ordering their meal…..
If you want more online orders you can use this add addons in all products….. you can give your customers a chance to select from many options.

Thanks for reading this blog…..

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