Build your own network and earn money

You can earn a huge amount of money via Affiliate Marketing if you have the right audience or people who have trust in you. How?

You must have seen ladies in Kitty parties sometimes recommend a store with people around them. This helps in word of mouth promotion for a store. 

Just like that you can also promote a store with your unique affiliate link on social networks like Telegram/ Facebook/ WhatsApp communities of decent number of members, and the store owner will provide you a certain commission on each purchase through your link.

Let’s have a look with an example, suppose you are promoting a product which costs Rs.100 and the store is offering you a commission of 30% i.e, Rs.30 per sale. So, if just 100 people in your network of 1000 people buy the product, your commission value will be Rs.30×100= Rs.3000.

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