How to create an invoice in Bikry App?

If you’ve recently started a new business on Bikry and aren’t sure how to create an invoice,
This post will help you get started with invoicing on the right foot.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to:

  • What are the benefits of creating an Invoice?
  • How to create an invoice in 5 easy steps?

Let’s quickly look at the parts you need on your invoice,
And then look at them in-depth with the help of images

Your invoice will need:

  • Your contact information
  • Products subtotal
  • Any applicable taxes and/or discounts
  • The payment terms

What are the benefits of creating an Invoice?
Invoices contain information on what was purchased, when, for what price, any late fees, and so on, and this is super useful information for consumers both now and in the future when it comes to keeping track of their cash.

  1. Invoice processing is great for legal reasons.
  2. They keep customers happy.
  3. Keeping things professional.
  4. Showcasing your brand.
  5. They keep you organized.
  6. It helps you to get paid on time.
  7. Things have gotten easier with invoice systems for small businesses.

How to create an invoice in 5 easy steps ?

Click on products
Now select the products which your customers want to buy

Click on Customers
Here you have to put the customer’s name and number
You can also put the address by clicking on more details.

Click on Payments
According to what your customer wants to make payment, you have to select the payment method.
Here your customer can choose 3 methods of making a payment
Manual Payment
⦁ Cash on Delivery
⦁ Online Payment

Click on Charges
If you want to add any Charges like GST, taxes, and others, you can add them here.

Click on Discount
If you want to give any discount to your customer, you can add here.

Hurray! All steps are done.
Now you have to click on save the bill.

When your bill is generated then there are two more options (Add Tracking Link), (Add a note for a customer)
For Example:
So let’s say your customer has placed an order on the phone call and if you are getting the order delivered from any courier service, then you can also enter its tracking link here. So that your customer will know where the order is?
Also if you send any message or note to your customer you can write it here.

You can share this bill as a receipt through whatsApp.

After sharing this there are two more options which are Generate QR Code and Payment Link
You can generate a QR Code for ordering.
Or you can also share this link to inform your customer.
If you have forgotten to add anything you can add it from the edit option.

This blog will help you to create a professional invoice for your own business.

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