How to enable the Product Video feature on Bikry?

Are you seeking a way to stand out among the thousands of active Bikry sellers? Things just got a little easier for you, because Product Video is now available to sellers on Bikry.

The introduction of Product video for all active sellers is a huge boost and something all sellers should be taking advantage of. Let’s go through some basics and tips of this feature, as well as some suggestions for making your products stand out.

What is a Product Video?

How to enable Product video feature on Bikry?

On any Bikry product detail page, the product images appear on the left hand side of the page. Optimized product images are key to your success on Bikry, and so it’s no surprise that adding product videos can help convert visitors into buyers faster and efficiently. 

Why use a Product Video?

Videos can be created in a variety of ways. For example, they can include product details, demonstrate how to use the product, function as a how-to for customers, or feature customer testimonials, brand information, etc.

Product videos are also very easy for customers to watch, especially when they are easily accessible on a Bikry product detail page. Customers no longer have to leave your product to look for external videos or reviews; they can now see them immediately on the product detail page.

Videos can evoke emotions in customers or tell a story. They allow sellers to showcase products creatively. Music, logos, voice-overs, and even cross-over product placement can be used in Product videos.

How to upload a Product video on Bikry?

How to enable Product Video feature on Bikry?
  • Here, click on Add New Product.
  • Tap on the Add Images/ Videos option.
  • Now, Add Video Link you want to display on your products.
  • Enter the URL here and your video will be visible on the Product detail page. 

NOTE: URL must be of a YouTube video.

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