How to sell on Amazon: An Ultimate Guide

You might think that Google is the starting point for every consumer while searching for a product, BUT THAT’S NOT TRUE. According to a study, Amazon is the most common starting point for online shoppers. That’s why it becomes necessary for you to know, how to sell on Amazon.

Why Amazon?

With 54% market share of Product searches, Amazon surpassed Google and became the central hub for online shopping. Now you can imagine the reach of your store, listed on Amazon. 

If you’re in the ecommerce industry or have a business, selling on Amazon is the ideal way to maximize your reach and, eventually, your revenue.

To help you set up a shop on Amazon and start selling on it, we’ve created this ultimate guide that will teach you how to list products, set up shipping options, promote your products, manage reviews, and analyze your performance. Read and learn how to sell on Amazon in 2021.

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How to sell on Amazon: An Ultimate Guide

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The Ultimate Guide to selling online on Amazon

1. Register for a seller account and list all your products

To register for a seller account on Amazon, you’ve to visit Amazon Seller Central and click on the “Start selling” button.

Amazon Seller Central also allows you to list your products (individually or through batches), manage your selling account, inventory tracking and many more features.

2. Set up Shipping options

Even if you sell via Amazon, there’s always an option to ship products on your own. However, Amazon provides all of their sellers with a very unique and advantageous shipping option that is difficult to pass up.

All you have to do with Amazon is, deliver your inventory to an Amazon fulfilment center, where they will store, package, and ship your products to your customers.

3. Sell and Promote products

After you’ve set up the shipping options, you’re ready to start selling on Amazon. To attract potential customers to your store, make sure to create attractive product listings that have clear and simple titles, benefits-rich descriptions, and eye-catching pictures.

If you want to boost the visibility of your products on Amazon, consider running sponsored product ads directly on the platform. These are pay per click ads and will appear alongside people’s search results.

4. Encourage Reviews

Reviews are very necessary for driving sales on Amazon. The more reviews you have, the more credibility and trustworthiness you’ll gain about your products in the mind of customers.

The best thing is, Amazon allows sellers to send follow-up emails to customers asking for product reviews after they purchase one of their products.

5. Analyze your Performance

On your Amazon Seller Central account, you’ll get access to a sales dashboard, which displays an overview of your orders, number of units sold, the amount of sales you’ve generated, and other metrics.

You’ll also have access to business reports that showcase metrics like item sales, sales and orders by month, page views, brand performance, items in stock, and more.

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