How to start an online clothing store

Thinking of starting your own clothing store? Now is the right time to, and Here’s how you can start it.

Indya has risen to become one of India’s most prominent Omni-channel fashion houses. Started in 2016 by Shivani Poddar and Tanvi Malik, with 25 own-stores across India, Indya has taken the first step in its offline journey, with many more to follow.

One of the most profitable online enterprises nowadays is the fashion/ clothing industry. If you look at a survey of our country, you’ll notice that it consists of most of the youth generation. As a result, the market is too big to capture in terms of a Clothing business. 

The Indian clothing industry is estimated at around 226 billion dollars in 2023. It also employs over 45 million people directly. The industry contributes approximately 5 percent of India’s gross domestic product (GDP). 

3 Business Models for a Clothing store:

1. Manufacturing & Designing own label

This business strategy is ideal for those who wish to create and launch their own online boutique from the ground up. Merchants manufacture and sell their exclusive designs, on-demand in this manner.

The good part is that you have the ability to establish an online clothing company that is truly unique and exceptional. 

2. Reselling

Clothes reselling is usually a profitable business because it has minimal risk and investment. It is also a very popular business for housewives and other women who have spare time to share other people’s items on social media and WhatsApp groups.

You can establish a personalized online cloth reselling business from the comfort of your own home. First, contact some wholesalers or dealers who will be able to send you product information via WhatsApp or other means. Then, share their products with your groups in exchange for a healthy profit margin. When you receive an order, simply deliver it to the customer, and enjoy your profit.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping for online clothing store.

Dropshipping is a cost-effective business model because you don’t have to acquire inventory upfront, store it, pack it, or ship it.

The biggest benefit of starting a dropshipping clothing business is that you don’t need any capital to get started.

So, Why online?

  • Store and product listing creation– When a customer searches for an item, they were shown a product listing.

Sellers can include a variety of photos, a description, a product category, a price, a shipping cost, and a delivery date in their listings. As a result, you can inform the consumer a lot about the item in only one step. Creating your listing demonstrates what you have to potential buyers.

Sharing Products listings in a catalog format eliminates the process of sharing hundreds of pictures and spamming customer’s phone storage. 

  • No restrictions on your own platform– Many resellers face the issue of getting banned by various social media & online selling platforms due to some restrictions. They have to keep on searching for new platforms and have to create multiple accounts, this ends in burning a lot of time.

With your own online store, there is no possible chance of getting drawn out and can sell till the existence of the business.

  • Deliver anywhere– A physical store owner may only be able to contact a limited number of buyers. They can deliver to consumers’ houses, however, distance restrictions may apply. Several e-commerce platforms have their own logistics and delivery systems. Bikry is one of them, offering retailers an end-to-end solution for safe and fast delivery.
  • Multiple Payment options– Personalization appeals to buyers, and the same is true when it comes to paying for their orders. UPI, cash on delivery, card on delivery, net banking, EMIs on credit or debit cards, and pay-later credit are all options available on eCommerce marketplaces.

How to start an online clothing store?

Now let’s go right into what it takes to start and run an online clothing business.

1. Choose a niche you’re passionate about 

A niche is a segment of a market with its own distinct requirements and personality. Choosing your specialization guarantees that you select products and build your entire company plan around the type of customers you are targeting. You’ll know your customers if you know your niche. The better you understand your clients and what they appreciate, the more likely you are to create things that they will want and finally purchase.

To find a niche market for your online clothing business, consider the following questions:

  • What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
  • What is a common frustration you have?
  • Is there anything you can sell that is relevant to your hobbies?

You’re already starting to construct your business by narrowing down your passions and researching those concepts. It also assists you in conducting market research and determining how to best position your business for success.

2. Write a Business Plan

When starting a clothing business from home, you’ll need a business plan to assist you. It also supports your notion and allows you to think things through more quickly. 

Before you launch: 

  • Take the time to consolidate your plan.
  • Identify any roadblocks. 
  • Determine what resources you’ll need, and 
  • Explain your business concept (Dropshipping, Reselling, or any other).

3. Create your online store

Your new clothing business will require an online store at this time. Bikry is a popular platform for this, with over one million businesses using it to create and launch online stores.

Starting an online business may appear to be a difficult task when compared to merely listing on online marketplaces, but when done correctly, it is more profitable and fulfilling. You don’t have to pay expensive fees to make a transaction, and you don’t have to follow any regulations other than your own.

4. Add Products to your online clothing store

You’ve set up your platform and are ready to begin adding products. Here are a few pointers that will help:

  • Product Images — Having high-resolution images of your products can help a lot. Images can make or break your brand, therefore they’re a terrific way to generate a solid first impression. Make sure the photographs are clear and highlight all of the minor features of the items you’re selling.
  • Product Name — Give all of your products a name, so that they are easier to find. Make it unique!
  • Product Description — Having a properly written description that includes all of the information that a buyer would want to know, as well as some additional tips/suggestions, may offer a lot of value to the product they’re buying. Making a size chart, several color options, the material used, and so on will be really beneficial.
  • Price of the Product — The pricing is the first piece of information that everyone considers. Remember to include the shipping or delivery costs and convey them explicitly. Customers should not be caught off guard when it comes time to check out.

5. Determine Shipping

Shipping for online clothing store.

So far, you’ve put in a lot of effort to provide an exceptional customer experience. You’ve done your research, created your products, and built an online store for your business all in the hopes of keeping customers happy.

A bad shipping experience, on the other hand, can undo all of your hard work. Shipping is an important aspect of your online business, from representing a significant expense to the time it takes for an item to reach your customer. That is why, before you begin marketing your new clothing business, you must decide on a shipping strategy

Using Bikry’s delivery support is a way, where entrepreneurs can reduce shipping costs. You will receive the following benefits if you use the service:

  • Delivery Across India – Bikry provides the ease of delivering your products Hyperlocal (3 to 5km), Intracity (within the city), and Intercity (one city to another) with the rates as low as 25rs for the first 3 km which increases progressively to receive and deliver orders almost everywhere.
  • Add Shipping Speeds- Suppliers can add shipping speeds at checkout. This helps customers to feel more confident when purchasing from their store. The value of selecting faster and more expensive shipping options, helps them prioritize their order fulfillment.
  • Track Your Products- The suppliers can easily track their products through a link provided after the order is placed. Monitoring their products will give them real-time delivery updates to their customers.

6. Market your online clothing store

After you’ve established your online store, promote it through the following channels:

  • Instagram Marketing- This visual platform has become a go-to for online boutiques looking to showcase their products and gain new customers. 
  • Influencer marketing- It is a term that refers to the use of celebrities to promote your items in front of the correct audience, team up with YouTubers, Instagrammers, bloggers, TikTokers, and other celebrities.
  • Facebook Ads- Facebook ads can help you sell to people who suit your profile if you want to locate a specific target audience for your items.
  • Search Engine Marketing- When people are looking for specific products, SEO helps them find you. Because they are high-intent buyers, you will receive relevant traffic to your website, which may result in sales. You can do this naturally or by paying for Google Ads.
  • Email Marketing- Email is one of the most effective “owned” marketing mediums since you have complete control over the content and distribution. To sell, educate, or create loyalty, you can build an email list and send messages to new and existing consumers.


Opening an online clothing store is not a strenuous task in the 21st century. With several digital tools available on Bikry, you can start your online store from anywhere. The aforesaid platforms can make your digital store running in no time simultaneously saving you a lot of effort, and money.

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