The fight for the revival: How E-commerce’s spirit will rise in the mind of a local business?

Today the E-commerce marketplace almost diminished the local marketplace i.e. the small “Kirana” stores and the other small stores nearby with their creative marketing techniques. The assurance of contactless delivery within the given time at your doorstep, what else should a buyer really demand?

The average growth rate of E-commerce is likely to be around 15–16% every year. Increasing usage of smartphones and applications also helps the online business to learn more and grow rapidly with the flow.

Advantages of E-commerce over small retailers:

· Expands market

· Decline in cost of operations

· Competitive advantage

· Proper time management

· Small firms co-exist with big firms

How can a small retailer take benefit from it and sell their products to a mass reach online?

It’s kind of very easy to take your business online within minutes. Bikry helps businesses like small retailers, Kirana stores by providing them a digital platform so that they can cope up with the competitors with their creative strategies. This era is all about reacting differently and money is not the concern here. The convenience of customers and their satisfaction is more important nowadays.

Here’s how you can build your online store:

Before you start selling your product online, you are required to create an online storefront so that the buyers can check out your products and then place the order easily.

Get your digital dukaan today

Bikry came up with a solution for you as:

· It launches your online store within few minutes just the way you want it.

· Providing tools that advertise your store like sharing the printed posters.

· The smart catalog builder helps you create and maintain a decent and professional-looking product catalog on your phone. These catalogs will give your product an appealing and attractive look. You can easily share these catalogs with your customers and friends on Whatsapp and SMS.

· You are free to manage or edit. Instantly add/remove any of your products as per your choice.

· It also helps in the promotion of your business at a very reasonable cost to a vast audience. By sending the banners of sale, offer, discount, any upcoming festival, you can attract a large group of audience instantly.

· Promotion on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Google to reach out to millions of potential customers.

· Track the orders, sales, and store views with just 1 click.

Setting up the online store

Step 1- Download the Bikry App from the Play Store.

Step 2- Sign up

Sign up with the mobile number you use for managing the store.

Step 3- Add your business name

Choose the same business name that you are known offline.

Step 4- Add all the products you want to sell.


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