Top 6 Dropshipping Tools to boost your Business

Notching up sales of more than 30 crores in India, the revolutionary digital entrepreneur Nilay Chakrapani grew his e-commerce business through Dropshipping. With the world going digital, more and more businesses are going online. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has also forced businesses to operate online. Even the brick and mortar stores were seen and are increasing their online presence.

Dropshipping is a method that allows you to sell products online without keeping them in stock. You can buy the product from a third party to fulfill the orders. The business model entirely eliminates your capital requirements. It saves you from the hassle of storing and sorting the products and then shipping them. 

Why Dropshipping?

A. Low Costs 

To enter a drop-ship model, you do not require huge sums of investment to buy physical warehouses, stores, or inventory. It even reduces the running costs because the business can be operated with a mere PC and an internet connection

B. Flexibility 

The platform allows you to be flexible in terms of operations. You can operate from one corner and sell to the other corner.

C. Hassle-free Inventory management

Since you are not required to manage the physical inventory, the simpler it becomes. The time otherwise spent on tracking and managing inventory can be used to promote your business. 

D. Plethora of Options

With Drop Shipping, you can select from a wide range of niche options to pick from. From health and wellness to toys, from pharmacy to automobiles, anything.

E. Automation

Many tools and apps help you completely automate your e-business, removing the need to update stocks manually.

Here is a list of the top 6 dropshipping tools that will be of help, whether you are a novice or have an already established business.

1. Shopify

Shopify is the world’s biggest e-commerce platform and got the first place among the top 6 Dropshipping tools that you can use to host your online store. It is a one-stop POS allowing you to manage your orders, market your products and sell them. It offers a 14-day free trial and the basic package starts from $29 a month. The features that make it so popular is that the platform is very user-friendly, and provides a plethora of apps to add inventory. Additionally, you do not need tech knowledge to build up a website as Shopify provides beautiful themes that can be customized.

Top 6 Dropshipping tools to boost your business

Image source – Shopify

2. IndiaMART

With over 6.5+ million suppliers IndiaMART is India’s largest online B2B marketplace. It is a huge platform where you can find wholesalers, retailers, and drop shippers for your business. The company has listings across 54 industries. After signing up you have access to the whole array of products from industries including fashion, furniture, jewelry, etc. At the same time, the company specializes in pharmacy dropshipping.

top 6 dropshipping tools to boost business

Image Source – Indiamart

3. Trade India

Founded in 1996, TradeIndia not only connects suppliers and retailers but also provides payment protection plans, collateral-free loans, and logistics. With over 41 lakh sellers, the company provides 360-degree digital business solutions. You can register your listing free of cost but need to subscribe to their membership plans to promote your offerings.

Image Source – Siachen

4. Baap Store

Another leading dropshipping platform based in India is Baap Store. The platform gives you the liberty to set your own selling price, thereby choosing your own profit margin. It also saves you from updating new stocks or removing stockouts from the website. The process is automated and hassle-free. You can also sell the products on your website(grants admin access) and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. If you have your own website, the packages start from 17495 INR.

Image Source – Reviews XP

5. Coorgle Dropshipping – CDS

Coorgle dropshipping tool is ideal for first-timers starting their business. The user interface of the website is simple, allowing you to connect to retailers, wholesalers, and online stores in minutes. The profit margin with Coorgle is quite high as the products are directly sourced from the manufacturers. CDS also provides white-label branding by keeping the wholesaler’s name hidden from products. All orders shipped will reflect the retailer’s name. It deals in all the major categories like Health and Beauty, toys, mobile accessories, electronics, clothing, and footwear, etc. The packages start from 999/- INR a month.

top 6 Dropshipping tool to boost business

Image Source – Amz App Store

6. Bikry App

Another astonishing tool to help you successfully establish your e-commerce business is the Bikry app. With over 200k products to choose from you can make your online store within 30 seconds. Through the application’s catalog builder, you can create sophisticated, professional-looking catalogs and share it with your customers via WhatsApp. With just a few clicks you get your own website, a smart catalog builder, your own business card, and banners for your website. Signing up on the app is free and simple with a big advantage of pan India delivery via 40+ delivery partners. It offers instant settlement on the same day within 4 minutes. Bikry is an end-to-end solution provider which makes it the best app to open your online store! 

top 6 dropshipping tools to boost your business- Bikry

Image Source – Bikry


With a 7% increase in profits year on year and absolute minimum risks, Dropshipping undoubtedly is amongst the best business opportunities. With a growth mindset and the right tools, you too can boost your business and amplify profits. 


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