Bikry – Transforming retailers into digital stores with Pan India Delivery services

COVID 19 pandemic has affected the Indian Economy miserably where micro and small enterprises in India like petty traders, retailers, eateries, and services are at the receiving end of the pandemic and at the brink of shutting down. 

Doing the damage control and coming to the aid is an Indian start-up, Bikry, founded by Himanshu Garg and Abhishek Bhayana in 2019. Following the Vocal for Local vision, Bikry empowers local businesses to open an online store within 30 seconds at no cost and to connect with their customers seamlessly during the pandemic (and post-pandemic world).  

Recently, Bikry announced a strategic move to integrate delivery services into their platform which ensures PAN India delivery of a wide range of products for retailers. 

With this announcement, Bikry, a leading SaaS platform, now offers retailers an end-to-end solution from inventory, promotion, sales, payment to delivery.

What is the feature?

At a time when home delivery is the new normal for people, Bikry initiated to take this small step for safety, convenience and to open the door for new possibilities for small businesses. 

1. Delivery Across India 

Bikry provides the ease of delivering your products Hyperlocal (3 to 5km), Intracity (within the city), and Intercity (one city to another) with the rates as low as 25rs for the first 3 km which increases progressively to receive and deliver orders almost everywhere.

2. Partner With Other Delivery Services

Suppliers can choose to partner with various delivery services such as FedEx, EcomExpress, Delhivery, etc. (for intercity and intracity deliveries) Dunzo, SFX, and Wefast for hyperlocal deliveries. After the suppliers schedule the delivery, they can directly get in touch with the delivery representative to process and ship their orders to the customers.

3. Add Shipping Speeds

Suppliers can add shipping speeds at checkout. This helps customers to feel more confident when purchasing from their store. The value of selecting faster and more expensive shipping options, helps them prioritize their order fulfillment.

4. Track Your Products

The suppliers can easily track their products through a link provided after the order is placed. Monitoring their products will give them real-time delivery updates to their customers.

What Will Be The Benefits of PAN India delivery?

The pan-India delivery network facilitates swift delivery of goods as per the customers’ requirements. This offers a good number of benefits to both the customers and the suppliers.

1. Deep Reach to Customers

The suppliers can connect to more customers across India. They can even deliver products and services to less reachable places. 

2. Delivery at Economic Rates

Suppliers can deliver products and services across the nation at very economical rates through partnerships with various delivery partners.

3. Single Device Management

Suppliers can schedule, manage and track the entire delivery process in one place. 

What are the USPs?

The major USP of Bikry’s delivery feature lies in how it operates with geographical boundaries and the delivery timelines. It fulfills the immediate needs and demands of customers on a larger scale seamlessly.

1. Pan India Delivery 

Businesses can deliver their products locally, within the city, or to other cities, without any hassle. All thanks to multiple delivery partners available on the application.

2. Easy Scheduling 

Accept the order, choose the delivery speed, select the delivery partner, and done! Now, shipping orders are just a few taps away.

3. Manual Delivery Scheduling 

In case the product cannot be delivered to the address provided by the customer, the supplier can manually schedule a delivery to a nearby location with the customers’ permission.

How to Schedule Delivery for Your Order on Bikry App?

Scheduling deliveries via Bikry is just a game of few mobile taps.

  1. Add and save the complete address of your store.
  2. Check and accept your orders.
  3. Choose the delivery speed.
  4. Inform your customer and collect the delivery fee in advance.
  5. Check all the delivery information, add the weight and dimensions of the package.
  6. Choose from a wide list of various delivery partners and make payment for delivery charges.
  7. Request for pick-up and directly connect with the delivery representative to collect, process and ship your order.
  8. Track the delivery status of your order through the provided link and Awb reference number.

Success Story

Mohit Sachan remembers 9th March vividly. Due to the pandemic, people feared stepping out of their houses, and the very next day the government announced a month-long lockdown in Uttarakhand. Ever since Mohit started running his bakery store, it was the first time that day he got next to zero customer visits or any orders. A week passed by and then the other with next to no orders. The restricted movements of people significantly reduced the earning and soon enough, Mohit found himself fighting for the survival of his bakery store.

Feeling agitated, Mohit contacted a few of his regular customers, only to find out that they are more willing to get their orders delivered at their doorsteps, instead of visiting the bakery and getting it themselves. Without a digital presence and a setup to accept orders online from his regular customers, there was no way he could get orders and arrange for delivery boys amidst the prevailing situation.

One evening while surfing on YouTube, he came across a video of our mCommerce platform, Bikry. Out of curiosity, he ended up watching the video and by the end of it, Mohit was installing Bikry through Google Play Store.

“I was intrigued and excited. It took me hardly 30 seconds to set up my digital bakery store on the Bikry app. I added my business name, product list and set up the rates as well as the payment gateway, and done! I shared the custom web URL for my digital bakery with all my close ones and existing customers. Within the next 40 minutes I received 5 orders from within the city”, said Mohit.

In the next two days, Mohit received 30+ orders from the city through his digital bakery store on Bikry. “With this amazing feature of hyperlocal and intracity delivery, I was able to deliver all orders safely to my customers”, said Mohit.

In the next 20 days, Mohit received 400+ orders for various bakery products, which he was able to deliver without any hassle. And like Mohit, you can also increase your revenue and grow your business without any investment via Bikry. 

Other features of Bikry

Let us take you through other critical features of the Briky App:

1. Create a Digital Store Irrespective of Your Business Size – 

If you are a ‘homepreneurs’, local business, or just planning to start a business, you can create a digital store in Bikry’s application within 30 seconds. Just download the application and get started here.

2. Easy Products Upload and Smart Catalog Builder – 

Bikry provides suppliers with an option to list their products from a library of 200K+ products and a smart catalog builder that allows creating a visually appealing and professional-looking product catalog on the phone. All of this happens effortlessly within a click! 

3. Share Your Store Via WhatsApp and Social Media – 

Now suppliers get access to the best-in-class tools to stay connected with their customers wherever they go. They can easily receive orders and sell their products to anyone, anywhere — online through their website, WhatsApp, Social Media, Payment apps, etc.

They can promote and share discounts, offers, and schemes with their customers on the go to improve engagement. 

4. Easily Make Digital Payments and Instant Settlements –

According to research, in-app transactions now make up 82% of total mobile commerce purchases. This number is estimated to rise even further as smartphone use increases in rural India.

With Bikry, suppliers can set up their payment gateway by just providing UPI ID and bank details and easily receive payments online from customers within the app, with 40+ options including credit card, debit card, and net banking from leading banks in India. 

If you are running a business (of any size) or planning to start a business then Bikry is your one-stop solution to digitize your offerings. You can download the application here and get started to increase your bikry (selling).

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