Unique Features for Medicine Stores

Here you will get to know what are the unique features you can activate for your medicine store to get more sales online.

Manual Order Button (Prescription) – You can add a manual order button to the website through which your customers can upload direct prescriptions and you can do the delivery of medicine.

Check out this feature: Manual Order Button

Generate Offline Bill – Generate offline bills to your walking customers through Bikry App and track sales, customer details, online payment.

Click on generate bill and payments button to take payment from customers

Check out this feature: Point Of Sale

Visitor Tracking Feature – Visitor tracking feature will you get details of customers who visit the website. Details come directly from the activity log of the Bikry Application.

Check out this feature: Visitor Tracking Feature

Check out this feature: Mendatory Login

Delivery Slot – Delivery Slot feature in-app will help you to set up delivery slot wise in which your customer can choose which time he will be available so, you can do the delivery.

Check out this Feature: Delivery Slot

To activate it through our experts click here: Store Setup by Expert

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