Bikry’s Multi Outlet feature

Having multiple eCommerce outlets can work for you in some situations. You can consider selling your products in different stores if your product range is quite diverse. 

For example, selling fashion clothes at a business where you already offer electronic products makes no sense. But, if you get a good dealership on fashion clothing and don’t want to miss it, you can even create a different store and run both from the same location.

These cases demand a whole new store strategy. And that’s where Bikry’s fantastic solutions came forward to help you. This article looks into some of the aspects of running multiple outlets on Bikry.

What is Bikry’s Multi outlet feature?

Bikry Multi outlet

With the help of Bikry’s multi outlet feature, you can use the same inventory to sell in multiple places. Which means, the same product will be showcased in multiple stores. The multi outlet feature allows you to manage an unlimited number of sites from a single admin page. Furthermore, you can access all the products of all your stores from a single location.

With this feature, stock management is completely automated. You can sell the same product in multiple outlets or retain different stock quantities for each store. You can also monitor and manage orders from a single place as well. Moreover, for each store, you can also set up different languages, currencies, and payment methods.

Why is Multi outlet a good idea?

Bikry Multi outlet
  1. Access to a wider customer base– With multiple outlet, you might be able to reach a wider audience. Additionally, the same strategy can help you when you are selling a diverse category of products or different brands under one banner. 
  1. Appeal to a wide range of tastes– You can create multiple sites utilizing the same inventory, each with a distinct layout and style to appeal to different demographics. This is a simple approach to not limit your customer base.
  1. Better Search Engine Optimization– Spreading your inventory across multiple stores gives you an advantage in your SEO strategy as well. You can easily target a variety of keywords that are relevant to your product range. And this would ultimately help you appear an expert in specific categories rather than having a jumble of keywords to rank your site.


In the ecommerce industry, there are various reasons to choose a multi outlet approach. Targeting overseas markets, selling multiple brands, or offering a variety of items are some of the relevant scenarios that come to mind. When you are really convinced about the relevance of a multi outlet model, you can check out the solutions of Bikry.

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