What is Custom CSS and how to add it on Bikry?

The Custom CSS allows you to customize the appearance of your website as per your own choice. Edit color scheme, design header/ footers, and basically change exactly how anything in your Bikry theme looks.

With this, you can include additional CSS on your own and be able to optimize each and every visual element on your website.

What is Custom CSS Editing?

What is Custom CSS?

The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets and it’s the most popular web language besides HTML.

CSS allows you to make a website responsive, add colors, change fonts, and fine-tune the website’s visual presentation in general. CSS, like HTML and JavaScript, is a frontend client-side language, which means it runs on the user’s end rather than on the backend server.

Even if you’re not a web designer or developer, learning CSS may help you move or style elements on your website, as well as make minor modifications to your theme to better fit your needs.

Some major benefits of adding CSS to your website

  • Greater control of Presentation
  • More formatting options
  • Easy to customize
  • Higher Accessibility

How to use this feature on Bikry?

If you want to customize your website and change how it looks with CSS, you just need to add it.

What is Custom CSS?

To add CSS, 

  • After that, Tap on the Save Custom CSS button and all the changes will start displaying on your website’s frontend.

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