Why is a Logo important for your business?

Need a simple yet professional looking logo for your online business? Here’s a quick guide that you must read before designing one.

Logo is a combination of text and images that helps people to recognize your brand or business and creates a visual symbol of it.

It usually consists of a symbol, a logotype, and a tagline. A good logo is easy to remember, differentiates you from others, and improves your brand loyalty.

Why does your business need a logo?

importance of a good logo in an online business.

Logos serve many functions aside from looking pretty:

1. Logo makes you stand out of the crowd

The most fundamental function of a logo is to provide your business a unique mark that differentiates you from other businesses.

This is really very important if your business has competition. Before you get a logo for your business, do some research to see how your competitors’ logos are designed, so you can position yourself.

2. It identifies vital information about your business

A good logo provides your customer with important information about your company. It communicates the industry you exist in, the service you provide, your target demographic and your brand values.

3. It builds brand recognition

Logos also leave a visual impression on your customers, reminding them that you exist!

In other words, logos have the ability to create strong visual connections with a business. This connection helps customers keep your business in mind.

Consider the brands like Nike or McDonalds, whose logos are so well-known that they can be recognised even without mentioning the name.

What Bikry Professional Services brings for you?

Bikry professional services provides the best in class logo designs for your business.

With Bikry Professional Services, you get the option to choose from 3 best categories of Logo designs, i.e., Basic, Standard, and Premium

Give your business a great first impression by selecting a logo design from the list in PNG and JPEG format within 48 hours.

Also, you can personally connect with our team of experts for all your doubts and suggestions via WhatsApp Group.

NOTE: We also allow 2 edits to your designs for maximum satisfaction.

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About Bikry

Bikry is a direct-to-customer application to open your online store within 30 seconds. It offers retailers and small business owners an end-to-end digital solution from managing daily tasks, promotion, sales, payment to shipping services across India. Offline businesses can easily sell their products and services online via their own digital store using Bikry application.

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